Personal Branding Awareness Tips


“Birds of the same feather flock together” – Growing up I remember hearing these words said in passing. It wasn’t until I graduated from college and joined the workforce that I truly found an intentional meaning to the saying. We live in a diverse society, blessed to be surrounded by so many different kinds of people from all walks of life, learning from one another about the various ways of human interaction.

But when we are building a brand, we sometimes forget that we are “representing” ourselves. Who we are, what we value, and our goals should always be a driving force in building a personal brand. Here are some basic Perpetualist tips on building awareness for those who are interested in living an intentional life.

The Company You Keep

It’s true but the company you keep does reflect your personality. And in the age of personal transparency through various avenues such as social media, who you associate with is a reflection of you. For example, when product and service based brands create personalities, such as celebrity endorsements, they are ambassadors representing their product and company. That celebrity’s personality and lifestyle are synonymous with that company. Begin by surrounding yourself with friends who promote you, bring out the best in you and appreciate you. Let those you occupy your time with being those who speaks of your values and know what you stand for.

The Events You Attend

Seen and Be Seen – Where you go and spend your time should matter in building a strong personal brand. Promote yourself socially and/or business-wise. Look for opportunities and remain interested in the things that surround you. Networking is one thing that is vital for building clientele and enhancing reputation but where to network is also just as important.

Your Worldview

Myopia has no place in personal branding. Our own worldview can sometimes be a deterrent to how we really should see the world. Take time to challenge your perspective on things from social issues, people, ideas, and approach it from different points of view. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. With this practice creates stronger leadership. And by doing so, we carry the power to put people into situations where they are likely to succeed.

Your Attitude

Be healthy, happy, humble, and helpful. Every individual possesses “good,” but how well does one really want to be? Attitude is subjective and can’t be measured, but it’s always more important to have an attitude that people and those around you can act in positive favor to.  Be a role model for positive attitude and most likely 9 out of 10, you will have honestly earned a handful of people who truly like you.

Balancing Your Personal + Professional Life

Set your priorities straight. When my clients tell me that they have no time for their personal life, I immediately tell them to re-evaluate their priorities. Working so hard for a living that you forget to live is a trap most people fall into. Don’t fall into a routine where you don’t know when your workday begins and when your workday ends.


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