The Good Life – Slim Aarons

El Venero Marbella SpainEl Venero Marbella, Spain

Foxcroft Academy       Foxcroft Academy – Riding School

At the Polo GamesAt the Polo Match

Lifestyle photographer, Slim Aarons knows just how to capture the good life. He has been a participant photographer at most high-society events of his time from Polo Matches, sail regattas, and socialite parties. He has even captured photographs of Hollywood Fashion Elites and Royalty in unguarded surveyor fashion, that makes you feel engaged in every shot. Starting out as a West Point photographer for WWII, Slim began his intimate portraits by capturing jet-setters, fashionistas, and socialites at their leisure. His works are seen in magazines like Town & Country and Life. A New England Native, Slim has trekked the globe in a journey to catch the elite in their natural habitat making it possible for his audience to engage in their world. Here is an invitation to step in.


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