Ralph & Ricky Lauren – Perpetualist Couple


Rugged, Spirited, Adventurous, Classis, Preppy - Ralph and Ricky always embodied the essence of life and love.
Rugged, Spirited, Adventurous, Classic, Preppy – Ralph and Ricky always embodied the essence of life and love.

Ralph and Ricky Lauren remain an inspirational couple for me. First of all, not only is Ralph Lauren my favorite designer, but he also remains a trademark of lifestyle that I benchmark here on Perpetualist.

Married for almost 50 years, Ricky and Ralph Lauren built a fashion, design and lifestyle empire. Ricky and Ralph’s love for each other remains strong, passionate, and spirited, despite rumors about Ralph carrying an affair with a model in the late 90’s and other alleged assumptions that Ralph is a tyrant, a “control-freak” and egomaniac. The Laurens’ remain solid through the challenges and passed the hurdles with dedication and zeal for the simple elegance of life.

Young and in love
Young and in love

Learning and achieving spell happiness.

Ralph worked earnestly to make it happen for himself with the support of his partner Ricky by believing in their dreams together and achieving the life they desire.  The designs of Ralph Lauren is about the lifestyle, adventure, and about living the many moods and scenarios dreams are made of. His yearning for a “good life” was simply his inspiration to make it happen for himself. If you dream it, you can live it.

Ralph & Ricky always the stylish fashion couple
Ralph & Ricky always the stylish fashion couple

Do the things the make you happy.

Ralph and Ricky’s simple mantra to “do only the things that make you happy” is as simple as it gets. They passed this tradition down to their three children who are successful in their own perspective careers by pursuing the path of passion their parents instilled in them – Andrew (Film Producer, Actor), David (Vice President Marketing, Media Communications for the Ralph Lauren Company) and Dylan (Founder of largest candy store in the world , Dylan’s Candy Bar). Believe in the world of ideas, things, and actions that put a smile on your face and make you happy. Let that positivity be your drive.


“It’s about living the best life you can.”

Ralph said it best with that quote. Life can be cinematic. Live life the best you can.

Make it about the way you love. 

Ralph has often said that his wife is his muse because her style and beauty have become his inspiration. Ricky’s book “The Hamptons”, reveals how her love for her husband, children and family have become a source of reason for writing the book and sharing recipes, stories, photographs and design. For Ralph and Ricky, their success was inspired by the way they love and their multi-billion company celebrates love, life, and style.

Love comes in so many sizes, shapes, and forms. Though love ebb and flows and reaches its highs and lows, love can also be the greatest muse we can use to propel our greatest work, help write our meaningful song, pen our greatest story, influence our sense of style, create our most significant artwork, support our personal endeavors and inspire us in our day to day lives. 


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