Getting Fit.

Since a gall-bladder operation, I had years ago put me out of shape, I noticed my metabolism slowed down, I gained extra weight and I started to lose my fitness-self. I decided to take my body back and get back into the great shape I was years ago. So far it’s been an exciting journey and I’m feeling quite great about my health and fitness. Anyone can take over themselves and start a fit and healthy lifestyle. All you need is the determination,  focus, and a game plan set with goals and rewards and you’ll be well on your way to being fit.

What does it mean to be fit?

I believe that being fit means that you are not only healthy but you also live an active lifestyle of being healthy. That means, eating right and putting a good amount of exercise and activity into your daily life. An added ingredient that I like to mix in is a well-rounded mind and spirit which really acts as my motivator.

Where do I begin?

I wanted to be fit because I had the “desire” to look good, feel good and live good. That desire is a staple in living a healthy, fit lifestyle. It’s really about getting up in the morning and knowing that you are in complete control of your life and that you must take care of yourself,  living the best you can be.

Game Plan

Here’s a simple game plan you can start off with to get you on the right track for a fit lifestyle:

-Set Goals: It’s super important to set goals for yourself every day. Whether long-term or short-term, goals help us move forward and that’s what it’s all about. Take time to think about goals you might want to accomplish. A good one I like to have is to “sweat every day” and that gets me to meet my goal, whether it’s hitting the gym or going for a quick run in order to meet that goal.

-Eat Healthily: It’s simple but true. Nutrition is important. What you put into your mouth should matter. A fitness goal you can start with is making sure you eat a well-balanced, nutritious meal at least 3 times a day and 2 small healthy snacks in between meals. You can still satisfy your junk cravings but I suggest limiting that to a once-in-a-while kinda thing or as a small reward. It’s not as complicated as it sounds but with some knowledge on a proper, healthy diet, you can jump-start into a healthy lifestyle.

-Stay Spirited: I can’t stress this enough but working out, staying healthy and being active is a journey and there will be ups and downs. Sometimes the motivation is gone or you run into lazy days or get side tracked. Staying positive and keeping spirited will always kill the “workout blues.”

-Rest Properly: 7-8 Hours of sleep is all you need. Sleep replenishes our body and prepares us for the next day. In order to achieve more goals, stay healthy and move forward toward a quality of life, proper rest is necessary.

Start with that simple game plan listed above and use it as a blueprint. I’m sure I’ll be writing more on how to live well and taking a closer look at nutrition, health, and wellness…

-jb ⌘


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