Rest and Relaxation

Most of us live a fast paced, high stress and on-the-go lifestyle. Either we work too hard or play too hard. Perpetualist reminds us to take a little R&R to recharge our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. It’s been a hard day’s work to get everything on that “to-do” list done, or perhaps meeting deadlines have exhausted your batteries. We all know how hard we’ve been working and how competitively we’ve been playing, so we all might as well put our armor down and rest. Take a moment to step outside and enjoy the sounds of nature or maybe brew yourself a cuppa’ and unwind to that current book you’ve been wanting to find the time to pick up and read, or better yet, take your friend or loved one (yes, remember them?) and catch up while dining at a restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try. It’s been a great summer and everyone (well mostly everyone) is enjoying themselves and having fun. Don’t forget to unwind, to relieve your stress, and recharge. Sometimes we live too fast that we surpass our destination and forget the beauty of the journey. We tend to do “too” much that we burden ourselves with the unnecessary stress that causes us to miss the bigger picture. Besides, we are called human “beings” rather than human “doings”. So get out there, step back and enjoy a rest day. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and even on the Sabbath, God rested.

Perpetualist suggests you check out Tablet for all your Rest & Relaxation destination.


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