Livable Space

Livable Space By Jerianne Banson

If you come think about it, we all have our own space. A space to work. A space to live. A space to play. Our own personal space begins with the environment we occupy. It can be our desk at the office to that comfy little area in our living rooms to that small seat we plant ourselves on the train when we commute to and fro work. In a Perpetual sense of things, it’s always a benefit to just simply be awake and aware of the space we occupy. Begin with simply knowing that you are present at the space you are in with the environment that surrounds you. Stop. Take a deep breath. Look all around you and capture the moment. Heck, if you’re like me feel free to snap a photo of these moments with your iPhone. Often times you’ll get a great sense of small details that make up the big picture.

Make your space livable. You really don’t need much but just your imagination. Live from inside out. You are a person living in a house that’s placed on a street that occupies a neighborhood in a town or city, that make up a state and country and so forth. No matter the situation whether you live in a stressful part of the city or you live in an unkempt neighborhood or you live in a clean pristine street you have the means and the soul (I hope) to make your space livable.

Start by getting things in order. And I don’t mean just throwing away junk but by simply stripping yourself of anything that’s really just a waste of your time and psyche and negative energy. You don’t need it. I don’t need it. No one really wants it so don’t waste your time hosting a slew of stresses that will just clutter your space. Prioritize and organize and use only what you need. Trust me, the things that matter don’t come with clutter.  Practice keeping simple so that you may enjoy living grand!

Maintain quality. Material gluttony is taking over and we are forced to have more and more of what we want less and less of. I admit I love my style, I love my books, I love my tech gadgets, I do love my things. But let us put a standard on “things”. It is wiser to have spent a little more money on that pair of Paper Denim & Cloth jeans than to have a plethora of disposable jeans that not only suffocates closet space but also can suffocate your style. I consolidate my tech to one or two devices i.e. mobile device BlackBerry/iPhone and MacBook Pro which serves not only as my method of social communication but also as my eBook reader, my banker, my butler and is practically my office.

Livable space is really what we make our environment to be. I can go on and on about how and why and what all this livable space matters but I’ll leave you for something to think about for now. It all boils down to keeping things harmonious and keeping a peace of mind. Once we have ourselves planted in a space we can enjoy then everything becomes a bigger part of the picture that we all can share with one another.

Happy Living.



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